Eye Lens Wedding Videography LLC is a division of Eye Lens Visuals & Photography. We  produce timeless films and photos from couples’ weddings and other milestone events throughout WV, OH,PA,KY,VA and beyond. This operation strives to provide an enjoyable experience in front of the camera. Whether it’s a lavish ballroom banquet, or rustic barn reception, this multimedia operation can beautifully encapsulate the magic of your wedding. 

Owner, Lead Videographer, & Editor


James Stewart

James Stewart is the proud owner of Eye Lens Wedding Videography. This professional has over a decade of experience when it comes to offering production services and creating videos. During this time, James has produced unforgettable wedding films, commercials, music videos, and more. This multimedia expert also works for a broadcast TV room that shares content around the world. 

Eye Lens Wedding Videography offers a range of packages to best suit your budget and specific requirements. You may also build your own collection for further convenience. James’ most comprehensive package includes a highlight video, a ceremony film, a behind-the-scenes video, full-day coverage, and more. Wedding videos are professionally edited and can be accompanied by the appropriate melodies to grip the viewer and highlight the true meaning of the day. All films are presented through digital downloads.

Meet The Team

These are contractors that have teamed up with Eye Lens Wedding Videography

Other Videographers


Mychal Tolley

Audio Engineer/Producer/Artist/



Dependable videographer with 5+ years of experience, skilled in professional videography and drone videography

Mychal also has extensive experience in audio engineering and have provided a lot of local top artists professional level music production. 

Mychal has also film and edited several music videos and filmed at concerts

Organized, amiable professional who gets along well with colleagues and clients alike. Passionate about achieving technical excellence with each project. Excited about finding new techniques and approaches for creating unique vision that clients want, and making each wedding the best it can be



Jeff Dreyer

Videographer/ DJ

Born in Montana, raised in West Virginia. Jeff Dreyer Films His  business was created because of his love for videography and creativity.

Jeff also has a background in short films Production

Jeff is also the owner of a DJ company called Guess Entertainment

His goal for Eye Lens Wedding Videography is to use his skills and knowledge to create beautiful films that will last forever! If you want to know more just ask, He'll gladly share his



Tyrone James

Cinematography/ Music Production/ Audio Engineering

Tyrone James , Age 32, is a videographer from Charleston, West Virginia. Starting his career in 2015 , Tyrone began training under the likes of James Stewart and Cleigh Gordon, while gradually honing his skills as a cinematographer.

  After developing his technical knowledge through the music video work space he begin his journey into the Wedding Videography, As well as partnering with James to become even more visually sound in his cinema work while maintaining a passion for bringing a humble attitude and satisfying couples .



The Story of a Photographer!

This is Merrissa Pullins. She is 29 and married. she is also the owner of her own company (Thats What She Said Photography) She has had a passion for photography since she was 13yrs old, after losing her Dad, she used photography to coped with his death. capturing beautiful moments of people that mean the most to us because we never know when it will be to late.
She started off with just a phone taking photos of Still life and animals. Then  started portrait photography after  she got married 6yrs ago, and fell in loved with it ever since.
so now she is capturing beautiful moments for other family's as well as her own.


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This is his Story !

Born and raised in Charleston, WV,. Brandon Corns is 35 and soon to be married. He is also the owner of his own company, Brandon Corns Photography. His interest in photography started in 2014 after being told for years that he had an eye for it. He loves to use his unique perspective to capture moments for you.

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