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Whether you're working with the high budget, or low budget we got a package for you.
We have beautiful 4K quality
4K is only offered in Pro packages in above budget packages are in HD quality

Payment plans are also available if needed

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Eye Lens Visuals Photo
Eye Lens Visuals Photo

Wedding Packages

Price base on Location. 
Pricing depends Location and any addon's Contact me today for an accurate quote

From getting ready to the final moments of reception,
Our wedding cinematography package is a perfect all around package. I’m there with you all day  capturing those special behind the scenes moments, venue preparation, the ceremony, the reception and capturing all the essential elements of your wedding professionally and creatively. . I create a gorgeous cinematic Wedding film telling your wedding story.
We have all the high-end equipment that is needed to produce the high-quality films we have microphones, lights, multiple cameras, drone, and other equipment that is needed  to produce beautiful cinematic wedding films.  We just don't film and edit your wedding we capture those moments that makes your wedding special!


Quick look at our packages and prices

If you're working on a tight budget we have some options for you just keep scrolling to the tight budget section

Eye Lens Visuals Photo

Never Miss a Moment Package

The best Package
and most popular

4k Wedding film

4k Full Ceremony film, +  

Special moment BTS

Special moments:
Full Video clips  of special events that happened during the prep or at the reception for example 

1st looks, speeches, any games played, bouquet and garter toss,

send offs, other 1st dances like mother son dance
father daughter dance and any other special events. 

8min -12min film 8hr coverage


1 Videographer with an assistant

(if one is available)


  • 2nd Videographer (if one is available $500)

  • $100 Trailer up to 1 or 2 mins 

  • No Time Limit $200

  • $500 RAW footage:                                                              If you want all the Raw footage meaning: you want all be-roll, the decorations, the getting ready, full photo session/cocktail hour,  all of the dancing from the reception.  In other words any time I hit record you want all that footage.  

background picture


Eye Lens Visuals Photo

Pro Package

Just a Wedding film
5-6min Wedding Film

1 Videographer

Eye Lens Visuals Photo

Pro Package Plus 

 Wedding Film+ 
Full Ceremony film

1 Videographer

Add ons for Packages

  • $500 for a 2nd shooter (only with Ultra packages)

  • !$!Pre Wedding Teaser / engagement video shoot is available and willing to negotiate pricing. (only with Ultra packages)

  • $200 Wedding motion book (with any packages) for sample click here

If you haven't seen our Wedding films please click this video below  it's a playlist of all of our Weddings 


What a Motion book is

Simple Package options


  • Simple Package Plus $1200 A ceremony and wedding film 4 to 5hrs coverage

  • Simple Package for 3 to 4hrs coverage
    Just a Wedding film


With these packages we will mic up the Wedding Officiant there may be very little voice-overs in your wedding film, but not a lot. 

This is a brand new package and we don't really have a good example of a tight budget wedding film to show you, but this video here is the closest we can get right now. This one was done on a small budget as a favor for a friend. There's no voice overs it's basically a wedding film with the music


In your wedding film may have a little bit voice over in the beginning  if it fits. 

You will also probably will be getting one of my videographers to go and film your wedding. it most likely will not be me.  But no worries these videographers have been filming for years and has done a lot of my weddings. 

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